Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer is nearly over!

Summer is drawing to a close and I realize I haven't updated since the middle of June before it even really started here.   A lot has happened since then and the weight loss has continued which is great.  In late June I found out that I'm expecting my 2nd baby!  Even though my energy level has been extremely low and my appetite really high I've managed to lose 8 pounds since finding out I was pregnant.  Unfortunately some of that came back on but I'm still working on it.  Just this past week I was able to start the longer 2k walks again.  Before then I was too exhausted to do much but I'm taking advantage of the energy rise in my second trimester and will start adding in some other exercises as well.  My dr said she was fine with me continuing to lose weight at least for a few months, I expect that eventually she will want me to gain some.  With Olivia I only gained a few pounds until I got pre eclampsia and swelled up really badly.  I also lost some at the beginning of that pregnancy.  I'm in my 13th week and things are looking good with my blood pressure so far.  I feel fine, aside from some gassiness and constipation.  I'm hoping my state of health before I got pregnant will assist me to get through this one much easier than with Olivia.  We've had one ultrasound and there was one baby in there, looking just fine (and pretty cute if I do say so myself).