Monday, April 27, 2009

Things I can do now and other changes I've noticed

Here's a list of changes I've noticed as well as a few things I find much easier to do since losing a little weight.

1. My rings are much looser. I'm now able to wear my promise ring on my right hand and it's actually still loose. I haven't worn it since before I got married 7 years ago.
2. My face actually looks thinner, my chins aren't as large. They're still there but I'm working on it.
3. I can move around much quicker when I'm trying to cook or do other projects.
4. I don't get out of breath as quickly.
5. I can touch my toes.
6. I can balance on my previously broken ankle.
7. I can hold difficult yoga poses such as the palm tree and chair.
8. I can do step aerobics (step up step down) for 20 minutes.
9. I can jog for short periods of time.
10. I have more energy in general.


  1. Awesome job Marissa! I am so proud of you for deciding to devise a new plan instead of getting discouraged after a tough first month!! Keep noticing those changes and they will keep you motivated. You go girl!


  2. those are some wonderful things, and it's really great that you have made note of so many improvements (big and small). it will really help you keep it up. I also think putting your progress in a blog will help keep you on track :)

    you will still have some setbacks, but don't let them get you down. keep up the awesome work!

  3. Way to go Marissa, keep it up! You can see the difference in the two photos!

  4. I am so proud of you Marissa!!! I can relate. One piece of advice, take measurememnts! I measured my neck, upper arms, chest, waist, hips and thigs. There were times when the scale did not move but the tape measurements did! I am here if you need me! Love, Stephi (Lex's Mommy)