Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walmart Walk for Miracles

We did the walk for miracles this morning even though it was a bit of a late start. Our human alarm didn't wake us up until 9 am which is quite surprising. Usually Liv is up at 7 am, even on weekends. We finally got out of the house at 10 am or shortly after. It was not especially warm but we stuck with it anyway. The gps wasn't working properly until halfway to our destination so I just reset it when we got halfway and calculated distance by doubling it. We walked 2.08 km which is 1.29 miles in about 40 minutes. I took one short break to sit while Olivia threw a fit in the jogging stroller because she was "tuck". She wanted to be moving or free from the stroller. She whined for most of the way home until daddy started playing peekaboo with her. It really wasn't that difficult to do this time and I hardly felt it afterwards, I was just tired. I am surprised at myself. I was able to walk more than 2 km without hurting too badly and if you told me I'd be able to do this 5 months ago I would have said no way. Good news, the scale is being replaced by the company we got it from but it's from Hong may take another 6 weeks or so to get here. If only we'd been able to find the receipt so we could return it to walmart. This week is supposed to be sunny and warm so we set up the pool this evening in the hopes it will warm up a bit by tomorrow or Tuesday. On Wednesday we're going to Cochrane to see the polar bears which will also involve quite a bit of walking.

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