Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plateau? I don't know...

Well I weighed myself yesterday using Aimie's scale and unfortunately the numbers haven't changed from last time. I didn't gain but I didn't lose either which is somewhat disheartening. I know this will happen from time to time and I won't give up, I just like to see the numbers drop to get me motivated. I did my strength training outside yesterday because the weather is warming up so nicely. The only issue is that the ground is so uneven it's very hard to balance on and I felt some pain in my ankles and knees. Today I took Olivia outside in the morning because we have another gorgeous day out there. She wasn't content to just play in the backyard though. First we walked around the outside of the house and then she pointed to the garage. "Not the dreaded wagon" I thought. I did not feel like pulling her around the neighborhood in that thing. "Do you want to go get the ball?" I asked her.
"Nooooo". It was clear she wanted her wagon and that was all that would make her happy. So I hauled it out and strapped her in and off we went. I just started walking with no set path in mind but at least it was a new one to what I had been doing before. I walked to the Fields store and then down to Citee de Jeunes and then back up Marquette for a grand total of 1.3 km in about 20-30 minutes, I'm not sure how long I was out there. It felt good to go so far but pulling a wagon is hard work. My shoulder is definitely feeling it this afternoon. Please send more encouragement and prayers my way so that I can do more and lose more!

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  1. It is discouraging not to get the results you deserve each and every time, but it is important to see this for what it is: a permanent lifestyle change that will lead to lasting results, rather than a temporary effort that results in immediate but fleeting results (aka the dreaded diet word). What I think is amazing is that you are doing new things every day that I'll bet you thought would be near impossible only a short time ago. Whatever the numbers show, the real proof in the pudding is in your overall fitness and your new abilities, not to mention the inward strength you continue to cultivate. One thing you could think of doing is setting a different type of goal other than numbers on the scale. I am completely biased on this, but why not an event like the run for the cure (there's usually a 1 k route or a 5 k route for walkers and they welcome strollers)..you'd have till October to get ready (assuming you could get to a city holding it that weekend), and I find that visualizing participating in an event can really push you further. Improved fitness and weight loss would be a desireable side effect of the training ;) Regardless of what you decide to do, keep up the fantastic work, and I think I can speak for all of your fans when I say you inspire us all!