Friday, May 29, 2009

What doesn't kill you...

Only makes you stronger...I think this is actually true in the exercise world. I can remember reading this quote on the wall of the gym I used to work out in when I lived in Thunder Bay and at first I would think "yeah right, if it doesn't kill me it surely will eventually". I think after time though I agreed and found that perseverance and confidence that I can do what I set out to do came naturally. I've been exercising for four months now and I have stayed true to my diet plan and exercise regime although I'm finding some of it a bit stale at this point and I can only thank God for giving me that confidence and stamina as well as the motivation to keep going. He puts people in my life to encourage me and prods me to get up off my butt by reminding me why I'm doing this. Today I was doing tricep extensions and by the time I got to 18 of 20 on each arm I found it so hard to keep going. I felt like I would have to stop but then I remembered I'd done all 20 many times before and I could finish. It hurt, my arms were shaking and afterward I could barely lift them but I felt good that I had done it! I think there is always a point in the workout (if you're doing it right) that you will face the I can't moment. It's then we need to focus on something and just push through it. I'm inspired by my baby sister who is going to run the Calgary marathon this Sunday. I know she's faced many "I can't" moments and yet look at how much she's accomplished. Sarah, you're my hero!

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