Monday, May 4, 2009

Back after a short trip

I'm baaaaack! We were in Thunder Bay this weekend to take Olivia to see Dorothy the Dinosaur in concert. It was a quick trip and I'm exhausted. I didn't track my meals this weekend but I did try very hard to stick to portion sizes and I only had 1 pop which is all I allow myself each week. I was able to get in a few walks here and there and of course there's the walking I did while shopping. I was able to try Vitamuffins which are spectacular although quite expensive. They are full of protein and fiber and are only 100 calories so I added one to my breakfast each morning. It's too bad they don't sell them around here. I still don't have a working scale so I guess I'll have to borrow one from my neighbour Aimie until we can get it to work or get it replaced. Today I'll be back to my regular schedule starting with strength training. We'll be grocery shopping so I'll also get some cardio in. Today's dinner is turkey soup (thanks mom for the corpse, oh I mean carcass) plus I added in carrots, celery and half a bag of coleslaw. I'm going to puree it before I add the meat back in. We'll also have some dempsters wraps with low fat turkey lunchmeat or Livvy may have peanut butter again, it depends on what she will eat. I've discovered I really like talking to others about what I'm doing and my goals. I really enjoy encouraging other people and I hope this blog will reach more than I can in person. I also discovered my husband didn't know I has started a blog! Well honey, I'm mentioning you so you'd better read it! And maybe we can inspire him to eat fewer chips and try the wii fit with me folks, just make your comments and I'll make sure he reads them. I love you all and your support means more than gold to me. Please keep it coming!

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  1. Hi Marissa! I'm totally inspired by your blog! Getting back into a healthy living routine takes a lot of self control and dedication...well done! Believe me, it's WAYYYYYY easier to stay on track if your husband is supportive not only words but in actions. I totally noticed a difference in your face from your pictures! You're doing awesome!